Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Making a connection

A few days ago, on the final day of Colin's summer vacation, we took a scouting trip to Brandon. Our mission? To see if any NHL players were getting an early start on the season.

Sure enough, our instincts proved true. We arrived just in time to see two of the last three players leave the ice.

Only Adam Hall remained. Hall, a forward, gathered a bunch of pucks near a puck bag in front of a net. I coaxed Colin into asking Hall whether he needed any help picking up the pucks.

Apparently, Hall picked up a hint, giving Colin this puck. Then, much to my delight, Colin and Hall had a good five-minute conversation about hockey, skating and fishing. A friendship, I believe, may have been struck.

Earlier today, after an informal skate with a handful of Lightning teammates, Hall completed the favor. Not only did he sign the puck, Hall even asked me to say hello to Colin.

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