Saturday, January 2, 2010

Finding Mr. Wright

As some of you may know, Miss Mikayla is a huge fan of Tampa Bay Lightning rookie James Wright. She has been scouring the Internet for new photos so she has something for him to sign every time she sees him.

She recently got the photo above signed by James on one of our recent trips. It was during that trip, too, that she gave Mr. Wright a batch of cookies that she personally slaved over her "Easy Bake Oven" for several hours just for him.

James, ever the gentleman, thanked Miss Mikayla twice -- once for the cookies and for finding the only photo of him getting in a shot during the fight against New Jersey's Matthew Corrente. James, much to his credit, mentioned that he didn't fare well in the tussle.

He also was more than happy to sign the following items:

He personalized, at Mikayla's request, this practice puck he flipped over the glass to her at one of our recent morning skate adventures; and

signed this photo of the two buddies, taken earlier this season after a morning skate.

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