Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Darn good reason

I failed to mention in my earlier post the reason why, with all the Tampa Bay Lightning players so willing to stop, the girls were only able to get slightly more than a half-dozen players.

Simple. They were going for the big score. They asked many guys for a stick.

Much to our surprise, too, several were willing.

Some players gave the regular answers "We're not allowed" or "This is my only one" as he stood with two sticks in his hands.

By no means am I putting them down. It is their right and I respect every answer given.

Still, though, Steven Stamkos left behind this Bauer Supreme gem, which I quickly picked up and added to our collection.

As usual with Lightning goalies, neither wanted to be outdone.

Mike Smith (above) and Antero Niittymaki (at left) offered up these specimens. When asked, both acted as if it were an honor to give up their tools of trade and smiled while doing so.

The best one of all, though, came from Lightning rookie James Wright. Most of us here at Hound Central 5.0 have heard that he is Mikayla's favorite player. As her Daddy, I can neither confirm nor deny that she may or may not have a small crush on him.

(Editor's note: I can, but don't dare say.)

As Wright came off of the ice, he walked right over to her and started up a conversation. Mikayla gave him a few letters that she wrote to him and a friendship was born. He stayed and talked to her for about 15 minutes or so and let her know how much he appreciated the letters.

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