Monday, November 2, 2009

Four four-bangers

The most cards I'll offer to a player is four, simply because my card book limits it to that number and I don't feel like erasing any more cards than I have to. Sometimes, players sign all four. Usually, they sign two. In some cases, though, a player will sign only one.

Last week, with Ottawa in town, four Senators players signed all four cards I presented. That doesn't happen too often, I'll tell you, but when it does, it quickly builds a stack. Ottawa's Nick Foligno, top, and Filip Kuba signed the cards shown above.

Look at all of the specialty cards, from Rookie Class to AHL All Stars to AHL Top Prospects, within these four-bangers from Alexandre Picard, top, and Ryan Shannon.

While everyone else signed all four at one time, it took me twice to get Shannon to complete his four-banger.

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