Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday morning homily X

Just in case you missed it, buried within a post on Hound Central 5.0 polls, I'm opening the blog to readers to share their favorite hounding stories. After four-plus seasons of writing about my hockey-hounding exploits, the well, shall we say, is starting to run dry.

What I'm looking for are stories from you. They can be about getting your first-ever autograph. They can be about meeting your favorite player. Funny moments work, too.

The goal for Hound Central 5.0 is to share the fun in collecting autographs. We're not dealers who have to get autographs to make an honest living. We're the ones who go out because we want to. And, I'm certain, that every one of you must have a memorable moment from hockey hounding.

Think of it as your platform. Tell me, in 100 words or so, your best hockey-hounding story. Though I'd rather have your stories sent to me through e-mail, feel free to leave them as a comment. Every so often, provided I get any at all, I'll publish them.

In a sense, folks, I've been sharing stories with you -- more than 1,800 of them since September 2005. I don't believe that asking you to share one is an unreasonable request.

Johnny (Tavares) come lately

On-the-scene reports out of Hockey Bay late Saturday relate the John Tavares, one of the most sought-after hockey autographs this season, signed for hounds and dealers before the Islanders agme against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

It seems that Tavares missed the gametime team bus to the St. Pete Times Forum and, like the rookie that he is, wasn't quite sure what to do next. From what I hear, those fortunate enough to be at the right place at Tavares' wrong time scored an autograph.

I also heard that Tavares, again showing that he is a rookie, signed multiple team-signed photos for dealers, but limited hounds to a single autograph.

Me? I missed out. I was just south of Ocala, Fla., driving more than 500 miles back from South Carolina, about the time Tavares missed the bus.

5 Big Sigs

In all honesty, cards, not pucks, will rule the single day of hounding this week. Though the Washington Capitals will be in town, my work schedule and assorted other chores limit me to only the Edmonton Oilers on Wednesday:

~ Sam Gagner on a London Knights puck and a 2008 Rookie Class card;
~ Sheldon Souray on a 2004-05 UD Hockey All-World Edition card;
~ Dustin Penner on a 2004-05 Cincinnati Mighty Ducks team set card;
~ Andrew Cogliano on a 2008 Rookie Class card; and
~ Ladislav Smid on a 2007 Rookie Class card

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