Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lightening the Lightning load

At the beginning of the 2009-10 hockey-hounding campaign, I set up a hounding bag specifically for the Tampa Bay Lightning. It made sense, I believed, as I'd likely hound the hometown Bolts quite a few times over the course of a season.

Here we are, a touch past mid-January, and I'm finding that there's little need for it now. Other than snagging a certain Lightning player (that would be you, Marty) on a puck for Al, Hound Central 5.0's man in Toronto, I'm down to a rapidly thinning card book.

Granted, that may change if the Lightning make any moves before the trade deadline, but I'm thinking that last Thursday's trip, which included pucks from Tampa Bay's Kurtis Foster, left, and assistant coach Adam Oates, might be one of the last trips I'll make this season.

Then again, I wouldn't mind adding Oates on a few more pucks.

Signing cards were, from left, Brandon Bochenski, Antero Niittymaki, Matt Smaby and Alex Tanguay.

Other signings:

~ Lightning rookie James Wright on an 8x10 photo; and
~ Winger Alex Tanguay adding a second card to the Threads project.


  1. I just got back in the Tampa area and looked to see on the Bolts web site when they would be practicing in Brandon. However, I couldn't find that information. Is it available someplace?

  2. The Bolts haven't been as forthcoming in seasons past about practice schedules for Brandon. As a result, it comes comes to deductive reasoning. If the Bolts are in a homestand, but the SPTF is booked for another event (say a concert), chances are the team will practice in Brandon. If there's a game the next day, chances are the visiting team will practice there, too.