Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cheap skates: Dmitry Kulikov

There's nothing worse, when it comes to hounding, than not having any cards for an NHL prospect to sign when an opportunity presents itself. Sure, you can have them sign a puck or a photo, but those can quickly add up to some serious cash.

For the purists, -- those who stick primarily to cards-- finding a card for these prospects can be tricky. They haven't been in the league long enough, especially at this stage of the season, to have any cards. And, then, there's the question of even getting a rookie card signed.

That's why I created this card for Florida's Dmitry Kulikov, the 14th overall pick of the 2009 NHL Draft.

Sure, I had him sign a puck Monday, seeing that he was a first-rounder. I like to think, though, that this so-called "cheap skates" card, updated from a Microsoft Word template I made a few years ago, is perfect for the occasion.

Simply put, they get the job done.

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