Friday, April 30, 2010

Why not ... again?

Sometimes when I've visited NHL practices over the past couple of seasons, I'd pick up a puck or two that make it over the glass. Most of the time, I give them to the kids who are running around. Sometimes, if there are no kids, these items go into the "What if" pocket in my hounding bag.

You know ... What if Stevie Y unexpectedly comes to town to scout for the Canadian national team? What if anyone worthwhile, who isn't associated with the two competing teams, walks by and I don't have anything else to get signed? That when these pucks come in handy.

During the last week of the 2009-10 season, I went with the "Why not?" approach and added two of these pucks to the signature side of my collection.

This puck was signed by Randy Sexton, one of the founders of the Ottawa Senators. He's now the guy responsible for making a hockey team in South Florida. I can only hope the best for him.

This puck was signed by (at the time) Atlanta Thrashers G.M. Don Waddell. After all, he did play in one NHL game with the Los Angeles Kings. His name's on the Stanley Cup with the Detroit Red Wings.

More importantly, he is a fellow Michigander ... Michiganite ... Michiganian ... . Whatever, he's from Michigan.

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