Monday, May 17, 2010

10 Questions: Ryan Flinn

Ryan Flinn is now our second "10 Questions" that involves a player still playing professionally. He has 31 NHL games under his belt, all with the Los Angeles Kings. He has spent most of his career playing in the American Hockey League for most of his career, most recently with the Rockford Ice Hogs.

In 10 Questions, Hound Central 5.0 asks NHL players -- past and present -- a few questions about their views on autographs. Former NHLer Ian Moran was the first to respond, giving us a few minutes of his time. Since then, there have been quite a few former NHL players who've responded.

We truly appreciate the opportunity provided by Flinn.

Hound Central 5.0: Did you collect cards/autographs as a kid? If so, who's your favorite autograph?
Ryan Flinn: I collected both hockey a baseball cards. Didn't really get into autographs weren't many to come by in Halifax. Also, sticker books were kinda cool.

Hound Central 5.0: Is signing autographs fun or a chore?
Ryan Flinn: It usually is a good experience, especially when it is a kid who is really excited about getting it.

Hound Central 5.0: What's the weirdest thing you've ever signed?
Ryan Flinn: Women's breast in front of her husband... worst is just a torn piece of paper.

Hound Central 5.0: Best/worst cities for autograph hound/dealers?
Ryan Flinn: AHL isn't too bad for autographs dealers

Hound Central 5.0: Can you tell the difference between autograph dealers and collectors?
Ryan Flinn: Sometimes, you get to know when a person is always there with the same stuff that they are probably more than a collector.

Hound Central 5.0: Does it really matter to you if someone is selling your autographs?
Ryan Flinn: Not really. I guess if you have the feeling that someone is just going to sell the autograph the issue is in the quantity that they ask you to sign.

Hound Central 5.0: Would/do you sign blank pieces of photo paper?
Ryan Flinn: Yes

Hound Central 5.0: Any items you won't sign?
Ryan Flinn: I try not to sign a kids skin or a piece of clothing not related to hockey without the parent consent. It just seems that the parent worked hard to buy that clothing and problem never thought someone would write on it with permanent marker.

Hound Central 5.0: Most famous person to ask for your autograph? Most famous person you've asked for an autograph?
Ryan Flinn: Can't think of anyone famous that has asked me for an autograph. My most famous autograph would be Luc Robitaille and probably Greg Biffle (NASCAR) outside of the hockey world.

Hound Central 5.0: Black or blue Sharpies?
Ryan Flinn: Whatever color shows up the best.

Hound Central 5.0 and its correspondents thank Flinn for his time in answering these questions. We appreciate his efforts, on and off the ice.

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