Friday, February 5, 2010

It's not that hard to spell

Far be it from me to complain after the Islanders' John Tavares signed this puck Thursday, but it's another example of an NHL player misspelling Colin's name.

In Tavares' case, he made it out to "C-O-L-I-O-N" even after I slowly spelled it for him, letter-by-letter, after hearing he tends to do that with certain items.

Makes you wonder just how much did the 2009 No. 1 overall draft pick pay attention in school. Then again, when you know you'll be a millionaire by 18, life skills like spelling are probably not too important.

Oh, well, it's still an autographed Tavares puck. We're happy to have it.


  1. i know the feeling. tell your colin this one. JT signed my islander jersey 'To Colin', mine is Kolin

  2. It only makes me think he does stuff like that on purpose. Or, and I say this with tongue firmly planted in cheek, he's just not that smart.

  3. Do u notice that Tavares covers up the C and the O with part of his autogrpah? in the name Collin, on the puck? I think he does that on-purpose, so that no one can rub off the personalization. Iv seen him do that to everyone that has gotten his autograph.

  4. I just hope he doesn't end up like Alexandre Daigle and Patrik Stefan, the poster boys for No. 1 overall busts.

    It's obvious, though, that he has a fairly high opinion of himself. I'm sure it will serve him well.