Monday, April 26, 2010

10 Questions: Ken Belanger

Ken Belanger started his career in 1994 with the Toronto Maple Leafs. He also spent time with the Los Angeles Kings, Boston Bruins and New York Islanders.

These days, Belanger is an alumni field representative for the NHL and the founder of GHL (Global Hockey Loop) real estate and relocation services.

In 10 Questions, Hound Central 5.0 asks NHL players -- past and present -- a few questions about their views on autographs. Former NHLer Ian Moran was the first to respond, giving us a few minutes of his time. Since then, there have been quite a few former NHL players who've responded.

We truly appreciate the opportunity provided by Belanger.

Hound Central 5.0: Did you collect cards/autographs as a kid? If so, who's your favorite autograph?
Ken Belanger: As a kid I use to collect hockey cards

Hound Central 5.0: Is signing autographs fun or a chore?
Ken Belanger: Signing is not a chore or fun. It's a part of being a pro hockey player. But when you see a kid with a big smile from a signature, that's what it's all about.

Hound Central 5.0: What's the weirdest thing you've ever signed?
Ken Belanger: An old dirty jersey with ketchup and mustard stains everywhere

Hound Central 5.0: Best/worst cities for autograph hound/dealers?
Ken Belanger: Depends where in the U.S. No, sometimes in the Canadian cities

Hound Central 5.0: Can you tell the difference between autograph dealers and collectors?
Ken Belanger: Yeah, it's the same guy asking year after year or he's wearing three jerseys and asks to have them all signed

Hound Central 5.0: Does it really matter to you if someone is selling your autographs?
Ken Belanger: To me, no.

Hound Central 5.0: Would/do you sign blank pieces of photo paper?
Ken Belanger: Yes, for sure

Hound Central 5.0: Any items you won't sign?
Ken Belanger: Too many concussions

Hound Central 5.0: Most famous person to ask for your autograph? Most famous person you've asked for an autograph?
Ken Belanger: Wayne Gretzky

Hound Central 5.0: Black or blue Sharpies?
Ken Belanger: Black

Hound Central 5.0 and its correspondents thank Belanger for his time in answering these questions. We appreciate his efforts, on and off the ice.

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