Monday, March 22, 2010

My box of chocolates

Buffalo's Drew Stafford was walking down the sidewalk last Thursday after the Sabres' morning skate carrying one of his hockey sticks. A handful of hounds approached him, asking for autographs.

One of us asked what was he doing with the stick. Well, he said, he was going to give it away. First, though, one of us would have to earn it.

How, we asked. We'd have a contest, he replied. What kind of contest? A movie trivia contest, he said, specifically, a round-by-round, single-elimination naming the titles of Tom Hanks' movies.

My winning answer, at the beginning of the third round: Forrest Gump, if you can believe that. I'd already spent Joe Versus the Volcano.


  1. Awesome! Now did you have other movies left in the bag (as Joe Versus the Volcano would have been a clincher)?


  2. That's all right, I am brushing up on my pop culture trivia and I will not be defeated so easily next time.

  3. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Moody. I'll give you credit for coming up with Toy Story -- after the fact. ;-) So, yes, Brtett, I had a few left in the tank, but didn't want to discourage anyone: Green Mile, Road to Perdition, Sleepless in Seattle and A League of their Own.

  4. How about "the money pit" with Shelly Long