Monday, February 8, 2010

This better be easy

Can you guess what pair of Swedish twins signed this pair of pucks earlier today before Vancouver Canucks practiced at the St. Pete Times Forum? See, I told you it was easy.


  1. Daniel and Henrik Sedin

  2. I was unaware that Kevin Bieksa was Swedish....and that he had a twin brother who also plays for the Canucks.

    Fool me once....

  3. Nice! Hey I was just wondering... I am heading down to Florida SW of Kissimmee and an hour from Tampa. I am a huge Penguins and they will be in town when I am there. Are there a lot of scalpers in Tampa? Will I be able to find some lower bowl tickets? If so what price. Also I may want to hound also and make a day out of it.

  4. IM a Penguins fan. I am heading to Florida next month. I will be SW of Kissimmee about an hour from Tampa. The Pens are in Tampa while I am there. I would like to know: Will there be a lot of scalpers at the game? Will I be able to get lower bowl tickets? What kind of prices will they be? Also if I chose to would you be hounding them?
    PLMK, Devon