Sunday, January 31, 2010

Random sample

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Anaheim's George Parros, one of the NHL's premier tough guys, is a highly sought-after autograph. I suppose, then, that's why he was shooting down some requests before Friday's morning skate.

I must have been one of the lucky ones, though, using a bit of name-dropping when I asked if he'd sign this AHL Manchester Monarchs practice jersey, a team he played for when he was in the Los Angeles Kings organization.

"A Monarchs' jersey?" he asked. "Sure."

For the record, another former Monarchs player, Denis Grebeshkov, signed the jersey when Edmonton visited Hockey Bay in December.

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  1. WoW!!! That's incredible.This was the least friendly group I've ever met west of the Washington Capitals.Corey Perry wouldn't even sign a logo for me saying he doesn't sign logos.I must have gotten them on a bad day.They all walked thru the streets of Newark to get to the arena.I think the area shook them up a bit.Guys walking down those streets in suits stick out like a sore thumb.Since that unfortunate day,every visiting team I have seen come in there took the bus or a cab.The word got out not to walk.I'll give them a pass on that one day. Speaking of Newark,I got the entire Los Angeles Kings team at the Rock last night.Great signing team.It also helped that they scored 2 real late goals on Brodeur and beat the Devils,and it was get away day and they were heading home after a 5 game roadtrip.These guys were a real happy group and signed multipules on the way to their bus.They didn't want to leave!! I got Kopitar on 3 cards,Jack Johnson on 3 cards,Quick on 2 cards and a jersey,and everyone I didn't have a card or jersey for signed my logo.I was almost tempted to ask Ryan Smyth to sign an Islanders card for me,but I didn't want to ruin the jovial mood outside.As for the Islanders(you knew I would have a segway leading up to them),since they are my home team and they will be in Tampa Bay this Thursday,I'll give you the skinny on them.A great group of guys.They will sign for you at will.However,there are 4 problem children.Rick DiPietro thinks he is a prima donna again,and blows people off at home.Dwayne Roloson is not a nice guy.He will sign for you,but he walks and signs 1 per person,never stands still and signs(except the time I nailed him at Nassau Coliseum by a huge pile of snow.He had no choice but to stop). John Tavares is the one autograph everyone wants.He will stop and sign 1 per person.Get him while you can.I can see this guy never stopping in a year or so.He personalizes jerseys and certain items.He has a very bad habit(intentional) of signing your picture with a dark marker on the darkest spot.A word to the wise is to carry a silver sharpie for him.Richard Park can be a pain,but if you are fortunate enough to get him,he will put on a smile and sign for you.He's much nicer on the road than at home.Good luck with the Islanders later this week.Let me know how you made out. Sorry I don't post too often.I have a very old computer at home and it is very time consuming to do anything on it.Unfortunately this is a blocked site in my office where I use a computer all day.Damm!! I do hope to have a new computer in place by the summer.----Gary O