Thursday, February 18, 2010

Moody's Olympics Gold: Team Switzerland

I wanted to take advantage of the Olympic break to show off the diversity of my collection with a small picture gallery for a few of the teams.

Team Switzerland is my first team. The Swiss, or Suisse, have never won a gold and only finished sixth in the last Olympics played in Torino, Italy.

Shown are cards I've received in the past from various Suisse forwards through fan packs:

Top row: Martin Pluss, Sandy Jeannin and Ivo Ruthemann; and
Bottom row: Hnat Domenichelli and Romano Lemm

I have also been fortunate enough to land a few defensemen, including, from left, Rafael Diaz, Philippe Furrer and the New York Islanders' Mark Streit.

Rounding out the Suisse's three-man goaltending squad are the Anaheim Ducks' Jonas Hiller, Dallas Stars prospect Tobias Stephan and Ronnie Rueger.

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