Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good sport

The last time we saw Vancouver's Kyle Wellwood, he was standing in a Manchester, N.H., hotel lobby, checking in the day before the 2005 American Hockey League All Star Classic.

The Missus, God love her, was kidding him about his spiky hair, giving him a little grief about the amount of gel had had in it.

Nearly five years later, I caught up with him Wednesday, during the first of two trips to hound the Canucks during their stay in Hockey Bay. His hair, beyond being a bit shorter, hadn't changed much.

After sharing the story of our first meeting, I couldn't resist this: "You're lucky my wife isn't here," I told him. "She'd likely give you the same hard time she gave you back in Manchester."

He laughed, just like he did five years ago.

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