Thursday, December 31, 2009

Threads: Carey Price

If you ever want to get an autograph from Montreal's Carey Price, you better be prepared to walk at a brisk pace. The goalie, who has drawn a crowd any time I've hounded him, doesn't stop to sign. He keep on walking. Not sure why, seeing that he'll sign for anyone who walks with him, but I've never seen him stand still.

It helps, too, if you point out obstacles such as moving vehicles, steps, curbs and ramps so everyone, not just Price, doesn't get hurt. I'd be interested in hearing if he does this elsewhere.

This card, part of the Ultra Uniformity subset within 2009-10 NHL Fleer Ultra, is the latest addition to the Threads project.


  1. My single experience with Carey Price earlier this season was quite the opposite. He signed just about anything put in front of him from a stationary position, even opting to come back several steps to sign for some kids he missed during his initial walk-through. This was Nashville, though, and I'm sure the crowds of autograph seekers is MUCH smaller than he's used to. Gomez, however, was the exact opposite, signing maybe 3-4 things in a veritable sprint. The auto is barely a scribble...not that I'm complaining.

  2. Yes, I'm sure the crowd has something to do with it. There are times when teams draw more than 30 people.