Wednesday, March 31, 2010

There for the asking

Leave it to Al, Hound Central 5.0's man in Toronto, to make quick work out of a Toronto Marlies poster given away before the start of a recent game. Catching up with the AHL Baby Buds at the Loafs' training facility, Al easily got most of the team to knock out the freebie.

Nice job, I'd say.

Given the relative ease of access to most AHL teams, it's a good play to follow home schedules. The rosters are stocked with the parent club's top developing prospects and, through call-ups and injuries, a rotation of goalies. It's easy enough, as Al has shown above, to find team items for a successful hockey hounding adventure.

Other bounty of Al's day trip for the Marlies:

Goalie Joey MacDonald, on one Colin's buddies, on a hounding hat trick: 8x10, puck and a card.

Bay Buds teammates Ben Ondrus and MacDonald. Ondrus also signed an NHL practice puck.

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