Friday, February 12, 2010

Honesty pays off for "Big Z"

Editor's note: Moody, Hound Central 5.0's senior correspondent, shares an interesting story about Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara:

While some of Hockey Bay's hounds were waiting at the hotel for the Boston Bruins to board the bus to head over to Brandon for the team practice. I decided to get a head start and get a few Tampa Bay Lightning players while waiting for the Bruins. I was able to snag a few, including Steven Stamkos.

Lo and behold, the Bruins bus came in. With no other hounds around, I figured it would be a signature buffet for me. As the Bruins walked to the locker room, I was told by every player, except one, that he would sign after practice. Chara was the only one to put Sharpie to cardboard for me.

After practice was over, and all the hounds were accounted for, we waited for the Bruins to come out and sign. Amazingly, every player obliged. When Chara emerged from the dressing room, he stopped to sign for all, but told one collector that he signed for him before practice.

I quickly spoke up and let "Big Z" know that it was me, not that particualr hound, who he signed for. Chara then signed for the hound. After he signed for everyone, he looked at me and asked if I had anything that I wanted signed. He even tossed in a "Thanks." I quickly flipped open my book and he added three more signed cards to my collection.

Honesty really does pay when it comes to Chara.

I only mention this because of a recent comment on a post that seemed to frown on "double-dippers." I say that every player has the right to sign, and every hound has a right to ask. Yes, I technically double-dipped. And, yes, I did get caught. I guess each outcome will be different by the way a hound handles the situation.

Good guys may finish last, but sometimes they get three more Chara's than anyone else.


  1. Looks like another awesome outting, what does Cheevers do for the team that he was there, i didn't know he traveled?

    I think how you handled Chara was great, honesty does pay off, that's for sure.

  2. Moody handled that very well, didn't he? He's a square-shooter. I'll have another story about Chara in the homily. It'll show another side of the guy.

    As for Cheevers, he was in town for a one-time event (I think it was a fundraiser). I imagine his visit was based solely on the B's being in town. I don't believe he works for the Bruins any more.