Monday, November 16, 2009

Pictures, perfect

There are many reasons for hockey hounds to use 8x10 photos as signing platforms. They're easy to find, can be quite affordable if bought in bulk and, when it comes to storage, don't take up as much space as pucks, cards and memorabilia.

Last week, when the Minnesota Wild traveled to Hockey Bay, I had four different reasons for getting four 8x10s signed. I'm not asking you to agree, I'm just asking you to appreciate:

Simply put, our collection, I believe, would be incomplete without a photo from the best name in hockey, Cal Clutterbuck.

Here's an instance when I thought this photo of Josh Harding was just too neat to pass up. In my book, not every photo needs to come from a big-name player.

The best part about this photo of Martin Havlat? There are very few dark areas where he could, if he so chose, hide his autograph as some players often do.

Owen Nolan, a grizzled NHL veteran if there ever was one, studied this photo for a few seconds before signing it. It's my guess he was trying to recall when he suffered this cut. I think it reinforces the notion that Nolan is really a tough old coot.

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