Friday, January 29, 2010

One for the collection

It's not all that often that I get a North American Hockey League puck signed by an NHL player. But that's what happened Thursday when Anaheim winger Dan Sexton signed these two pucks, including the one from the Wichita Falls (Texas) Wildcats.

Drew Pelto, an old hockey-hounding buddy from Beantown who now performs a multitude of media-related tasks for the Wildcats, sent me the Wildcats puck for Sexton to sign. In return, I'll send him the Ducks puck that Sexton signed.

A fair trade, I'd say.


  1. Looks awesome, thanks!

    Any comments from him on the puck?

  2. "Man, where did you get that? I haven't seen one of those in a while." Good kid.

  3. Great trade...nice to see players from the NAHL making it in the NHL.

  4. I'm sure we'll see a few more in the next couple of years.