Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thanks for stopping by

Now that the 2010-11 hockey-hounding campaign is over, and Colin finds himself immersed in travel team hockey, it's long past due for our priorities to change. That's why, as of this post, among the more than 2,500 I've written since I started blogging Sept. 10, 2005, Hound Central 5.0 has run its course.

It's been my pleasure, for the most part, to share our hockey-hounding exploits and misadventures with you over the past six years. I'm grateful, too, for all of the people who've helped out: Moody, Al and Mike among them. But it's time to redirect our energy, and as any hockey parent knows all too well, our resources.

I've also pulled the plug on Hockey Hounds Universe. All along, the focus was to chronicle the 2010-11 hockey-hounding campaign. Again, I appreciate anyone who took the time to stop by and everyone who helped. It truly was a learning experience.

As always, folks, thanks for your support over the years. I hope my efforts were worth your time. It was, and remains to be, truly appreciated.



  1. Hey Ron and Colin,

    I have enjoyed the time and effort you guys have put into Hound Central. While I am sad to see it go, I can completely understand the reason.

    Stop by and visit (and comment on) my blog anytime. I look forward to hearing from you down the road.

    And of course, I will be keeping in touch in order to get that well deserved custom card off to you.

    While this may be the last entry written in the blog, I hope it's not the last chapter written in the book. :)

    All the best in your future endeavors.


  2. Thanks, Brett, for your kind words, friendship and being one of Hound Central's most loyal readers.

    We'll be taking some time off, but there are a few things on the horizon that will help launch another blog, The Hockey Life.

    For now, it's time to recharge the batteries and enjoy the summer.